About SG Properties

SG Properties is a development and real estate brokerage company specializing in mixed use, sustainable neighborhoods. We believe that a neighborhood needs commercial services within walking distance to make it livable and enough people in the neighborhood to make the commercial businesses and mass transit viable. It is our belief that neighborhoods are truly vibrant when they are representative of the community at large.

In addition to our current commercial and residential real estate listing, SG Properties is working with SnapHome on the marketing and sales of a new line of green, contemporary custom homes in the Albuquerque area. SnapHome will work with you or your client to design and build a home on either one of their lots or your lot. The first 2 specially designed homes built by SnapHome are on Coal Avenue, between 7th & 8th Street SW. Construction was completed this summer of 2016.

SG Properties continues to work with SnapHome on the design, marketing and sales of their fabulous line of green, well designed homes. The module design can be built on site in Albuquerque or transported and used for single family housing; inter-generational living; co-housing; additions to existing homes such as mother-in-law quarters; apartments and high density condominiums.

Please contact us for more information on these projects and our current commercial and residential listings.